Ghassoul Clay Algae Mask


Recommended for:
– skin with juvenile acne or acne rosacea
– dry and flaky skin
– seborrheic, impure skin
– combination skin with enlarged pores
– spots, blackheads
– irritated and discoloured skin
– mature skin with symptoms of fatigue and stress

Capacity: 500 ml


– absorbs products of skin secretion
– absorbs harmful substances and toxins present in the skin
– removes dead cells
– improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin- reduces enlarged pores
– thoroughly regenerates dull and tired skin, restoring its fresh and glowing look
– improves facial contours
– supplements elements necessary for health and beauty: magnesium, silica, calcium and selenium

Active Ingredients

Ghassoul clay from Morocco – a natural treasury of precious minerals such as silica (to improve skin elasticity), magnesium (to delay premature ageing), calcium (to improve natural immunity and sooth skin irritation), selenium (to eliminate toxins). The clay has extraordinary detoxifying proprieties and supplies oxygen to the skin.

Alginate (brown algae extract).


Massage in serum appropriate to skin type. Afterwards apply the mask over the whole face, including eyelids and lips, leaving nostrils uncovered. Mix 2.5 measures of the powder with 3 measures of cold mineral water until a smooth consistency is obtained. Cover the face and neck evenly with the mask. The mask will become solid after a few minutes. Peel the whole mask off after 20 minutes.

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