Indication for treatment
for women and men, all types of skin, especially slacked skin with visible signs of aging, droopy face contours, double chin, sallow complexion, smokers skin
the effect of the treatment can be compared to the results of the treatments of aesthetic medicine, the rapid revitalisation and express rejuvenation of the skin, deep face lifting, stimulation of face muscles to the passive gymnastic, improvement of the skin tension and firmness, the increase of the circulation of blood and stimulation of the skin metabolism, smoothed and erased wrinkles, delicate lighting up, improved absorption of preparations applied after the mask, prevention of skin aging processes
apply TOPP LIFTING on face and neck, also on the bust, arms and hands, the frequency of the treatments depend on the age and the skin condition, the best results we will achieve after the series of 10 treatments performed 2-3 times per week for the total period of one month; the series can be repeated after 6 months; to keep the results for longer the treatment should be done 1-2 times per month; the treatment can be also done once as rapid recovery of the skin conditions, for example before party and special events

Proposed schema of the treatment

Phase I – Make-up removal
Cleanse the face and neck with Micellar Liquid Cleanser, and carefully remove makeup.
Phase II – Gentle cleansing
Apply the enzymatic scrub and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse it off and dry the skin. Then remove fat from the skin to be treated with TOPP LIFTING Neutraliser, and eventually wash the skin with cosmetic pads wetted with warm water.
Phase III – Regeneration and relax
TOPP LIFTING Plant Mask apply with a brush in wide stripes, starting from the central neck line in direction of ears. When a half of the neck is covered with the TOP LIFTING liquid plant mask, do the same with the other half. Then go up with applying the liquid to the face from the nose line in upper-outer direction. Cover thoroughly crow’s feet by an eye. Do not apply the preparation on delicate skin of lower eyelids. Apply the liquid on the nose and forehead upwards with one stripe, and from an upper eyelid up to the hair line with 2-3 stripes. Do the same at the other half of the face. When the mask is getting dry, apply the next layer. Let your Customer relax for 20-30 minutes, laying flat and covered warm. Warn the Customer, that she/he will feel pins and needles, and pulsing when the mask is drying.
Phase IV – Treatment
Wet the hardened mask well with TOPP LIFTING Neutraliser and delicately massage with wet hands. Wash off with delicate sponges soaked with warm water. Do not pull the skin. Remnants of the mask wash off and delicately dry with tampons. Apply face serum with chitosan, leave the excess for absorption. Then we apply Effective lifting in cream and leave until absorbed.
Phase V – Care
Excess mask tap delicately into the Customer’s skin. Finish with wrinkle eye filler or eye cream and Regenerating cream with gold.
SHORT EXPLANATION: As the treatment results in increased blood micro-circulation, hyperaemia local congestion and redness my appear. It happens normally and disappers after about 30 minutes. As TOPP LIFTING treatment involves spontanous massage, do not apply additional massage, which may lead to overtraining of muscles. In case of acne skin, the initial stage of treatment may activate acne symptoms. Condition of the skin will improve at further stages. It is not recommended to do makeup, expose the skin to the sun or in solarium directly after the treatment.