Indication for treatment
skin dryness all year round (exposure to sun, solarium central heating, air conditioning), dull skin lacking oxygen, with residual impurities and toxins (in smokers), cellulite, loss of suppleness and firmness, bad mood, exposure to stress
provides deep skin purification (detox), stimulates blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to skin cells, firms and strengthens the skin, compensates for deficiencies of minerals, preserves the suntan, deeply relaxes, prevents depression
apply all over the body or onto the selected body parts, apply on breasts, except for nipples, 6 treatments are recommen- ded, twice or once a week, e.g. after sunbathing, treatments can be leed in SPA capsula
Equipment for the treatment
Ultrasounds (Sonophoresis)

Proposed schema of the treatment

Phase I – Deep cleansing
Apply Watermelon body scrub all over the body and massage in (bust with exception of nipples). Rinse with shower, water or remove with cosmetic compress.
Phase II – Treatment
Watermelon Body Concentrate massage into the skin or apply by means of sonophoresis onto the body parts that require treatment. Apply Watermelon body butter and massage gently. Apply the Watermelon Gel Body Mask all over body, starting with ankles and spreading out to thighs and upwards. Wrap in film and cover with a thermal blanket for 30 minutes. In the meantime you can give a relaxing face massage with Caviar Cream, apply an Algae Mask (17 types) or give a foot massage with Cream Scrub. Remove the film, rinse the body with warm water and dry.
Phase III – Activation and renewal
Apply a thin layer of Watermelon body balm all over the body, gently massage into the skin. Do not rinse off.
Phase IV – Beauty prescription
HOME CARE ECO 4 YOU Watermelon body scrub
HOME CARE ECO 4 YOU Watermelon body butter
The best effect is achieved while treatment is lead together with the balanced diet and increasing of activity.