dry and rough feet; signs of aging of the skin of the feet; cracking of the epidermis; excessive sweating of the feet; relaxation for the feet and the entire body; feet regeneration
antibacterial and refreshing effects, nourishing and strengthening of the skin


Stage I
Prepare a foot bath with the use of Bielenda Professional products, selected for the skin type of the client (full offer of foot bath products is available on the next page). The client should soak her / his feet for about 15 minutes.
Stage II
Dry the skin and apply a scrub properly selected for the skin type (full offer of foot scrubs is available on the next page) and massage the feet, which will help with the exfoliation and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients from products applied in subsequent steps of the procedure. Rinse off the remaining product or remove it using a moist compress.
Stage III
Apply the Regenerating Foot Mask to the clean and dry skin of the feet and between the toes, and perform a relaxing massage, starting with the toes.
Stage IV
Then, apply again a thick layer of the Regenerating Foot Mask evenly to the feet and nails.
Stage V
Prepare a paraffin bath with any selected paraffin mask. Dip the feet 3 times in a paraffin wax heater with Apricot or Grapefruit Paraffin Mask, and put on foil socks and then special terry socks (especially in autumn and winter). Leave for about 20 minutes. Then, remove the paraffin wax completely together with the foil socks. Massage the excess cream mask into the skin of the feet.
Stage VI
At the end of the treatment, gently massage into the skin of the feet and between the toes a foot cream selected for the client’s skin needs (full offer of products is available on the next page). Leave to absorb. Do not rinse off.