Diamond Algae Mask

Diamond Face Algae Mask RU

All skin types:

particularly recommended for mature skin with symptoms of elasticity and firmness loss.

Capacity: 190 g


-optical wrinkle reduction

-improved skin tension and smoothness

-fast and effective hydration level improvement

-intensive nutrition improves general skin condition

-fights free radicals to prolong skin youth

Active Ingredients

POWDERED DIAMOND – firms the skin and provides an instant lifting effect.

ALGINATE (100% brown algae extract) – reinforces, provides intensive hydration and nutrition, stimulates cellular metabolism, reduces red marks and irritations by means of easily assimilated ingredients:

– stimulating, regenerating, cleansing and moisturizing properties,

: potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and silicon salts,

MICROELEMENTS (iodine, manganese, zinc, iron and selenium salts) contained in vitamins, enzymes, co-enzymes; acting as bioregulators of natural processes in the skin.


Apply Anti-Age Lifting & Recovering Serum with Chitosan on clean skin. Mix 2.5 portions of the powder and 3 portions of cold mineral water to form a homogenous mass. Spread the mask on the face and neck including eyelids and mouth, leaving the nostrils free. The mask will set after a few minutes. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse off.

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