Anti-aging body contour modelling treatment with anti-cellulite action

Indications for treatment:
• loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin
• flaccid skin, devoid of tension
• various forms of cellulite
• stretch marks
• excessive adipose tissue (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms)
• disturbed metabolism
• lipid metabolism issue
• after childbirth (not during lactation)
• in the course of a reduction diet
• rapid weight gain
• passive lifestyle
Treatment action:
• supports reduction of body fat (stimulates lipolysis, prevents lipogenesis)
• improves skin elasticity
• improves firmness and elasticity of the skin
• restores lost firmness and elasticity of the skin
• supports a gradual reduction of cellulite
• prevents cellulite
• smooths and tightens the skin
• slims ans shapes the body (reduces circumference of the treated body parts)
• smooths and tightens the skin
• regenerates the skin
• helps maintain the results achieved during surgery
• intensively nourishes and moisturizes
• improves skin texture
• relaxes
Recommendations for treatment:
The treatment can be applied to the whole body or selected parts thereof, excluding the bust area. Series of 8-12 treatments twice a week is recommended, then one treatment a month to sustain the effect. Treatments can be performed in SPA capsules.
NOTE! Persons with varicose veins or dilated capillaries should not be subjected to “warm” treatment.
Equipment recommended for the treatment:
• Cavitation liposuction
• SPA Capsule
• Sonophoresis (ultrasound)
• Needle-free mesotherapy
Products used in the treatment:
1. Energizing Bath Oil
2. 2in1 Anti-Cellulite & Enzymatic Body Scrub with Indian Forskolin, or
3. Rejuvenating Body Scrub with Indian Forskolin
4. 2in1 Anti-Cellulite Body Concentrate with Indian Forskolin
5. Shaping Body Mask with Indian Forskolin
6. Sahping Body Lotion with Indian Forskolin
7. Anti-Cellulite Body Serum with Indian Forskolin (PROFESSIONAL HOME CARE)