Indications for the procedure
skin lacking radiance, with signs of fatigue, exposed to oxidative stress; evening out of skin tone, lightening discolorations; skin in need of rejuvenation and illumination.
• smoothes and brightens the skin
• improves the appearance and texture of the skin
• increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin
• lightens discolorations and prevents the formation of new skin changes
• protects against photo aging
• restores a uniform color of the skin (balances skin tone)
• acts as an antioxidant against free radicals
Treatments can be performed throughout the year, provided high UV protection (min. SPF 30) is used. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun in the course of a series of treatments. Treatment may be performed on the face, neck or hands. The proposed series includes 6-8 treatments performed every 7-10 days. One treatment per month to sustain the effects; as one-time treatment to quickly improve skin’s condition. The client should not wash the skin for at least 6 hours following the treatment in order to maintain continuity of the procedure.
Allergy or hypersensitivity to any ingredient contained in the products. Do not use on irritated, damaged or affected skin. In the case of skin with dilated, shallow capillaries and oversensitive skin – do not perform the 3in1 30% Brightening Powder Peeling.
Devices used during procedure:
2in1 Mini RF + Needle-Free Mesotherapy, 2in1 Photon Ultrasonic Massager, Ultrasound • Needle-Free Mesotherapy

Proposed treatment plan:

Remove make-up from the eye and lip area using an eye and lip make-up remover. Clean the face and neck area using the Cleansing Foam with Vitamin C – 2-3 doses evenly distributed on damp skin of the face, avoiding the eye area. If necessary, repeat. Rinse thoroughly with water. Follow by applying the Lightening Toner with Vitamin C.
Prepare the mixture in 1:1 ratio. Mix 15 ml of the 3in1 30% Lightening Powder Peel and 15 ml of the Peel Activator until achieving uniform consistency. Then, apply the mixture to the treated area. Leave for a period of time adjusted to the condition and sensitivity of the skin (max. 8 minutes).
Normal, dry, mixed and oily skin – for the first 3 minutes gently massage the skin, then leave the peel on for another 5 minutes.
Sensitive skin – do not massage; leave the peel on the skin for a maximum of 3 minutes. Use a dry brush to apply the peel evenly onto clean, dry skin of the face and neck (avoiding the eye area, and places where the epidermis is broken). After a certain time, wash off with plenty of cold water (changing pads a minimum of 5 times). Follow by washing the skin with Gel Neutralizer (changing pads a minimum of 3 times). Then, wash off with cold water at least 3 times.
Note! In the case of skin allergic to any of the peel ingredients, we suggest an alternative treatment using cavitation peeling and the Lightening Toner with Vitamin C.
Apply about 40-50 drops of the 13% 2-Phase Lightening Concentrate to cleansed skin (shake until achieving homogeneous consistency before use). Apply thin and uniform layer of the product to the entire treated surface (face, neck). Then, introduce the concentrate for about 5 minutes using the 2in1 Mini RF + Needleless Mesotherapy device – needleless mesotherapy head or massage manually until absorbed. As an alternative, you may use the 2in1 Mini RF + Needleless Mesotherapy device with the RF head and apply the RF Cream designed for use in RF treatments. Before the procedure, apply opaque layer of the RF Cream to the treated area. Massage the skin of the face in circular motions for about 20 minutes. If necessary, apply more RF Cream during procedure, so that the skin is covered with 1-2 mm layer for the duration of treatment. After finishing the procedure, remove the remaining product using lukewarm water. Then, apply 40-50 drops of the 13% 2-Phase Lightening Concentrate to dried skin. The serum must be applied in a thin, even layer over the entire treated surface (face, neck) and massaged until absorption.

Warning! Detailed instructions for use and selection of parameters is supplied with each device.

Secure the area around the eyes using moist pads. Apply a thick layer of the Brightening Face Mask to the face and neck. Cover the face and neck thoroughly with clean gauze, leaving openings for the nostrils. Mix 6 scoops of the powder (Modeling Algae & Gypsum Mask with Pure Vitamin C) and 3 scoops of cold mineral water (non-carbonated), until smooth. After about 3 minutes, spread the mask evenly over the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye area and the nostrils. Apply the mask vigorously in strips to the outside and slightly upward. After 20 minutes, carefully remove the mask in one piece. Remove the remains of the mask with dry pads. In order to preserve the continuity of the procedure, do not wash the skin.
Apply the Wrinkle Filler or Under Eye Peptide Wrinkle-Correcting Gel around the eyes; apply the Brightening Cream with SPF 30 to the face and neck area.
1. Cleansing Foam with Vitamin C – 160 ml
2. 3% Brightening Serum with Vitamin C – 15 ml
3. Brightening Face Cream with SPF 30 – 50 ml

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