every skin type; hands exposed to external factors (wind, frost, sun, detergents); dry, rough skin; hand skin aging; sun spots and nicotine discoloration
smooths and improves skin elasticity, strengthens the skin’s resistance to external factors, provides the skin with essential nutritional and nourishing ingredients, improves the skin tone, restores the hydrolipidic coat, provides intensive hydration of the skin, improves the condition of nails and cuticles


Stage I
Apply the Hand Scrub to the skin of the hands (including fingers and wrists) and make a few-minute massage. Rinse off the remaining product or remove it using a moist compress.
Stage II
Apply the Regenerating Hand Mask to the clean and dry skin subject to treatment and perform a relaxing massage, starting with the fingers.
Stage III
Then, apply again a thick layer of the Regenerating Hand Mask evenly to the hands and nails.
Stage IV
Prepare a paraffin bath with any selected paraffin mask. Dip the hands 3 times in a paraffin wax heater with Apricot or Grapefruit Paraffin Mask, and put on foil gloves and then terry gloves. Leave for about 20 minutes. Then, remove the paraffin wax completely together with the foil gloves. Massage the excess cream mask into the skin of the hands.
Stage V
An alternative to the hot paraffin wax mask is to apply cold paraffin hand mask with Shea Butter (description of the use on the packaging of the product).
Stage VI
At the end of the treatment, massage the Luxury Hand and Nail Cream or the Revitalizing Hand and Nail Lotion with Shea Butter SPF 6 gently into the skin of the hands and between the fingers. Leave to absorb. Do not rinse off.