Watermelon Body Concentrate


WATERMELON Body Concentrate
Capacity: 450 ml


Hydration and cellulite reduction.

Active Ingredients

HYDROMANIL – three-dimensional colloidal polysaccharide matrix made of Tara seeds, a plant originating from Peru. It gradually releases hydrating agents of various sizes, which permeate into the deepest skin layers. This is why the hydrating effect lasts longer and balances the epidermal exfoliation process, leaving the corneal layer consistent and flexible, improving the condition and appearance of the skin.

CELLULITE CONTRA+ COMPLEX – stimulates blood and lymph microcirculation, helps eliminate toxins from the body. Blocks enzymes responsible for carbohydrate metabolism into fatty tissue and speeds up fat burning. It smoothes the skin and shapes the silhouette.

WATERMELON EXTRACT – prevents DNA fragmentation in fibroblasts and keratinocytes, protects important cellular structures against the impact of UV radiation, and reduces the risk of skin redness after exposure.


Massage the concentrate into the body parts under treatment. Apply the Watermelon Gel Body Mask.

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