Skin Softening Mask with Kukui Nut Oil



All skin types, especially sensitive and capillary skin

Capacity: 175 ml


Softening mask, excellently prepares skin for cleansing treatment without thermal effect.

Active Ingredients

kukui nut oil

palm oil, sesame oil

marshmallow extract

linden extract

flax seed.


Apply generously on the face skin. Massage for a while with circular movements under vapozone. After 20 minutes wipe off with damped cotton pads. In the case of capillary skin or intensive acne symptoms, be particularly cautious using vapozone – do not warm up the skin.

Instead of a moisturizer, a solux lamp with red filter or a warm compress is recommended. (first put a sheet of foil on the face and then cover with a warm, wet towel). After removing the mask proceed with mechanical cleansing treatment.

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