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Fit treatment with green apple and BIO H.C.A

Indication for treatment
overweight, all forms of cellulite, poor oxygened skin, grey skin which need nutition
reduced fat tissue, celulite marks loss, reduction of overweight signs, waist slimming, shapes modeling, improved metabolism and microcirculation, skin streightening and moistirized
treatment for the body or parts of the body except bust area, number of treatments: a series of 6-8 treatments two times a week, recommended treatments in SPA caplsula
Equipment for the treatment
Ultrasounds (Sonophoresis)

Proposed schema of the treatment

Phase I – Deep cleansing
Apply Body scrub with green apple & BIO H.C.A. on all the parts of the body (except bust area) and massage. Then clean the skin under shower or using cosmetic compress.
Phase II – Treatment
Body concentrate with green apple & BIO H.C.A. massage into the skin or apply by means of sonophoresis onto the body parts that require treatment. Apply the Body mask with green apple & BIO H.C.A. from ankles up. Wrap in foil, cover with an e-blanket for 30-40 minutes. During this time for relaxation can be used Massage face cream with caviar or any of alaee mask (20 types in the offer) which is the appropriate for the skin. Remove the foil, wash the mask with water and dry the skin.
Phase III – Activation and renewal
Apply Body balm with green apple & BIO H.C.A. on the treated body parts and massage delicately. Do not rinse off.
Phase IV – Beauty prescription
HOME CARE ECO 4 YOU Green apple body scrub
HOME CARE ECO 4 YOU Green apple body butter
The best effect is achieved while treatment is lead together with the balanced diet and increasing of activity.