Indication for treatment
after slimming diet, after pregnancy, breast feeding, after excessive sun exposure, prophylactically after the age of 25
elevated and firmer bust and neckline, reinforced connective tissue, improved skin tone of bust area, improved blood and lymph circulation, elevated and fuller bust, deeply moisturized and smooth bust and neckline
recommended series of 8 – 10 treatments twice a week, and then to maintain the result once a month, client should be warned about changes in temperature under algae and gypsum mask: initial warming followed by cooling effect, recom- mended for good and quick result
the treatment is not recommended during pregnancy, breast feeding, following breast surgery, and in cases of any irregu- larities within bust area, the treatment should not be followed by shower or hot treatments for at least 6 hours
Equipment for the treatment
Ultrasounds (Sonophoresis)

Proposed schema of the treatment

Phase I – Deep cleansing
Rinse the area undergoing the treatment with warm water. Tone the skin with Satin Tonic Gel. Apply for 10 minutes the Enzymatic peeling product on bust and neckline circumventing the nipple area. Remove it with a water, pat dry and tone the skin.
Phase II – Treatment
Apply Firming bust serum. A serum may be applied with ultrasounds (sonophoresis – 5 minutes). Apply firming bust mask by thin layers starting from rib cage towards sides with circular and elevating movements (mask will start to set after about 8-10 min). Leave the mask on for 20-25 min and remove in one piece. You may ask the client to take a deep breath so that the mask may be removed more easily.
Phase III – Activation and renewal
Once Algae and Gypsum Mask is removed, gently massage Modelling bust cream to finish the treatment. Do not rinse.