Capillary Repair Cream with Rutin and Vitamin C

krem na naczynka - tuba kopia

Sensitive skin, prone to redness and couperose.

Capacity: 150 ml


soothes and calms inflammations,

- reduces cell hyperactivity

- stimulates natural skin protective system

- strengthens delicate capillaries

- prevents the damage of minor blood vessels- moisturises, improves skin colour

- optimum UVA & UVB protection (SPF 15 – PPD 10)

Active Ingredients

Troxerutin (best absorbable form of Rutin)

ascorbyl glucoside – most stable Vitamin C form

Niacinamide PC

Olibanum Boswellia Serrata
ANTI-COUPEROSE complex (chestnut, Ginkgo, hamamelis, oak tree bark, lemon).


All types of face treatments for sensitive and couperose skin.

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