Anti-age cram with hyaluronic acid

krem kwas hialuronowy - t kopia

Anti-age cream with hyaluronic acid for mature, dry skin.


Capacity 150 ml


Reduction of wrinkles


Active Ingredients

HYALURONIC ACID – smooths, maintains appropriate skin hydration, and protects the skin against the loss of elasticity. It is applied as a natural filter that protects the corneal layer of the epidermis.

ARGAN OIL – most exclusive oil in the world, known as Moroccan Gold. Rich in polyphenols and Omega-6 acids, it is an excellent ingredient of Anti-age diet. Stimulates the skin to regenerate, revitalizes, nourishes, and prevents irritation.

COENZYME Q 10 – oxygenates cells, neutralizes free radicals cause skin aging. Accelerates tissue regeneration, effectively smoothens out wrinkles, and prevents formation of new wrinkles.


Apply on face, neck, and cleavage, massage delicately. Apply at the end of the cosmetic treatment.

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