treatment with the use of DNS Roller and ACTIVE concentrates

Indications for mesotherapy treatment
• counteracting effects of skin aging
• shallowing of acne scars
• eliminating stretch marks
• hair loss prevention
Contraindications to mesotherapy treatment
• tendency to form keloid scars (keloids)
• pregnancy and nursing
• allergy to metals and the active ingredients contained in micro-needle mesotherapy cocktails
• diabetes
• cancer
• bleeding disorders, use of anticoagulants
• inflammation of the skin
• bacterial, viral, fungal skin diseases and autoimmune diseases
• impaired ability to regenerate skin
• use of medications applied directly to the skin
• interrupted continuity of the skin
• sensory disturbances
• retinoid therapy

Recommended treatment pattern

Stage I – Make-up removal
Eye and lip make-up removal is performed using the Two-phase liquid eye and lip make-up remover. Face, neck and décolleté should be cleansed using the Ultra hydrating face cleaning cream. Cleansed skin should be toned with the Ultra hydrating face toner.
Stage II – Exfoliation

We apply::

  • SENSITIVE SKIN: Apply enzymatic face peeling on sensitive skin and leave for about 10 minutes. Wash face with water and apply toner.
  • NORMAL SKIN: Apply cleansing face gel to damp skin, massaging gently. Wash face with water and apply toner.
Stage III – Treatment – Zabieg
Before starting to perform micro-punctures, secure your hands with gloves and disinfect the skin of your client using a product intended for disinfection of the skin, mucous membranes and wounds (disinfection time according to the information on the packaging). Then we proceed to perform micro-punctures on the skin. Duration is about 10 minutes. After the treatment is complete, disinfect the skin with a product intended for disinfection of the skin, mucous membranes and wounds, while removing any blood so as not to obstruct penetration of active substances.
Stage IV
Following the micro-puncture procedure, we apply the active concentrate with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or active concentrate with plant stem cells (depending on the needs of the skin).
Stage V
In order to soothe and soften the skin we apply an algae mask:
• Transpartent ultra hydrating mask – 2 scoops mask, 3 scoops of water
• Ultra soothing algae mask with diatomaceous clay – 2.5 scoops mask, 2.5 scoops of water. Leave for 20 minutes, then remove.
Stage VI
To finish off the treatment we apply the SPF 50 Protective Face Cream.

After the treatment is complete, rinse the roller under running water and place in a disinfecting bath. Time adjusted to instructions of the disinfectant manufacturer. After removing roller from the bath, rinse it again under running water, dry, and put in a carton box. The box must be signed with your client’s first and last name and contain dates of the treatment.